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Welcome to Woodsafe's showroom. A source of inspiration for creative architects

At Woodsafe, you can view the industry's coolest showroom with lots of different types of wood, assembly, coloring, which is also played on a 495-inch digitally signed wall.


This showroom is very unique for a company in our industry. But Woodsafe is not just like any other company, we show the way, we take the baton to continue to act as a leading manufacturer of fire-impregnated wood. Nothing has been left to chance, you will notice if you get the opportunity to visit Woodsafe Timber Protection.


In the Woodsafe Green showroom you will be able to take part of:

  • Our sustainability work.
  • Our energy source, including how much CO2 we save, how much kWh we consume and sell on the energy market for you who care about the future and the environment.
  • Inspiration of the type of wood, where each type of wood gets its own presentation linked to projects that are displayed on the magnificent 495-inch digital signed wall.
  • See woods you may not be familiar with.
  • Exclusive sample boxes.
  • Inspiration of our efficient production, our well-cleaned premises for production that stand out from the crowd, all connected to the magnificent 495 inch digital signed wall where you are very close to the production.


It all ends with a guided tour of the production facilities.